Product Questions

Virtual ACEP is an online product that includes over 200 hours of educational content from the ACEP Scientific Assembly. Online access allows you to view presentations from the meeting, anytime, anywhere – often within 24 hours of the original course. You can view streaming content through your iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device. You can also earn over 200 CME credits- above what you can earn at the meeting. On the Home Page, select a product you would like to purchase by clicking "Buy Now". Transactions occur in the ACEP Bookstore via automatic transfer. Your access begins immediately after purchase!

You can search for presentations by course title, lecture title, speaker name or keyword by selecting "Find A Presentation" at the top of the website page. Not all the presenters have allowed their presentations to be captured. If you have searched and cannot find a course or speaker, it may be that the presenter did not provide permission.

Log In Questions

  1. Visit www.acep.org/virtualacep from your PC, Mac, iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ mobile device and Click on Log In at the top right hand.
  2. Log in with your ACEP user name and password. If you don't remember your user name or password, you may click the "Get sign in help" on the Log In page. You will be prompted to enter information to retrieve those items.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will be automatically directed to the "My Library." Dashboard. My Library is a personalized summary of the Meetings purchased, Bookmarks and Notes, CME activity and more. Make a selection and enjoy the meeting content.

If you don't remember your user name or password, you may visit acep.org or click the "Get sign in help" link on the Log In page. You will be prompted to enter information to retrieve those items.

You created an ACEP account if you registered for a meeting, are a member or have purchased products from the ACEP Bookstore. For questions relating to your ACEP account and password, please contact ACEP customer service at membership@acep.org.

Player Features

When you are on the Player page viewing a course video, there is a Player Toolbar on the top right side of the player.


While on the Player page, move your mouse to the top right corner next to the video that is playing. This icon player will display. Click to make it full screen view and hit "ESC" escape key to make it smaller again. PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT click on the X next to the full screen icon or your video will disappear. To get it back, click on "Source" in the bottom right side of the player, and then "Video 1"

While viewing a course video, take notes by clicking on the Notes icon player on the top right corner of the player.

To Add Notes to Presentation Videos:

  1. Click the Notes icon in the toolbar to open the Notes Panel.
  2. Click in the Notes panel and start typing your note.
  3. At the end of each note, press Enter. This will automatically designate your note to the presentation slide playing in the video.

To view notes, start on the My Library Dashboard, and click on "Notes and Bookmarks" in the left side column. You will see a list of all course videos that contain notes or bookmarks. Click on the presentation name and when you are in the Player page, click on the Notes Icon. This will display your notes and the associated point in the player they were designated for.

Yes, you can also download your notes from the course video or by selecting "Download" in the Notes panel. Download is located at the top left of the Notes pane. This generates a text file containing your class notes. View and save the downloaded file.

  1. To bookmark content, you must be viewing a course video. Click the Bookmark icon in the Player Toolbar on the top right side.
  2. You will see a confirmation message appear on the bottom of the player that the video was bookmarked at the time you selected. You can continue adding multiple bookmarks to a course video.
  3. To view Bookmarks while viewing a course video, click on the Notes icon in the Player Toolbar. A Bookmark icon will display and you can click on this icon and it will take you to the location in the video where you added the Bookmark. This allows you to click the bookmark and go to that location in the presentation/video (whichever you selected to bookmark).
  4. You can also view presentations with Bookmarks from the My Library Dashboard by selecting "Notes and Bookmarks" in the left column. A list of courses with Bookmarks will display and you can navigate to the Player page and follow the instructions above to view your Bookmarks.

To ask a question from the player page:

  1. In the Presentation Tool Bar, click the New Question icon player.
  2. Enter your question text into the New question textbox
  3. Optional: Click the paperclip icon to include an attachment.
  4. Select whether to Reference class content to align your question with the exact timing of the video.
  5. Enable the Post anonymously slider to post your response without your name.

To view questions, answers, discussions and to respond to questions, navigate to the Player page.

  1. In the Player Tool Bar, click the Discussions icon player to open the Discussions panel.
  2. The list of questions, answers and discussions will display, along with video timestamps.
  3. Click the question or post you want to respond to The Questions panel slides to a new panel which allows you to click on "thumbs up or down" to endorse or not endorse a post, click to Bookmark this section, view the slide, and click on RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION. (move the above line)
  4. Enter your response in the text box and click on "Post"
  5. Optional: Click the paperclip icon to include an attachment with your response Your response will display and you can add additional responses.

While on the player page, you have new Playback Controls the play/pause button, fast forward, and rewind - each click moves the playback 10 seconds in either direction; click and hold to fast forward? through playback). You can also click on any location in the playback bar to move the playback to that location.

The Settings icon player allows changes to playback quality and speed controls. If the video isn't clear and/or your network connection is a problem, you can switch to lower quality playback (or switch back to high definition if applicable) by clicking on the Setting Gear icon, selecting quality, and then selecting a different numerical setting

You can view the course videos at up to 2x speed or as low as .5 speed Click on the Setting icon and then click in the Speed box and select a playback speed in .25 intervals. Once clicked, the speed is automatically adjusted and the box will close.

Variable speed playback is not available for mobile devices including iPhones and iPads where the operating systems and browsers do not provide consistent support for this feature.

At this time, this icon player located at the bottom, right side of the player, isn't functional. Please do not click on the icon.

On the Player Page, near the bottom of the screen, there is an option to download a PDF of the speaker slides and MP3. Click on either PDF or MP3 to download the files for that course.

On the Player Page, near the bottom of the screen, click on "Add to Playlist" to add to an existing Playlist. On the "Add to Playlist" click on "Add New Playlist" to create a new playlist.

To view and access your Playlists, start on the My Library Dashboard, and click on "Playlists" in the left side column. This will display your playlists. Click on the "playlist name" to display the videos within the playlists

On the Player Page, near the bottom of the screen, click on the number by the star rating player . This will display rating options. Click on the "Rate It" button and select the number of stars to rate the video. Click the "Submit review" button

Mobile Questions

You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices to view the course videos. To access the videos on your mobile device, please enter virtual.acep.org in your web browser and Log In on the home page. You will be automatically directed to "My Library Dashboard." Click on a meeting and the "View Presentations" button. Follow the easy navigation and selections to view course videos and claim CME credits. You can also add an icon on your home screen by following the instructions presented by the device you are using. This way, you can quickly launch Virtual ACEP by clicking on the icon.

The Virtual ACEP is mobile responsive, however there are several player features not available on your mobile phone. The mobile phone experience at this time does not allow questions, discussions or bookmarking. To use these features please access the content on a tablet or a computer.

Videos are streamed via your mobile device and cannot be downloaded.

Variable speed playback is not available for mobile devices including iPhones and iPads where the operating systems and browsers do not provide consistent support for this feature.

To add an icon for this website on your iPhone or iPad, select the + symbol at the bottom of the screen, and then select "Add to Home Screen". An icon will be created so that you can easily access this site in the future.

CME Questions

If you attended an ACEP meeting and claimed live credits for specific courses, you cannot claim credits for those courses in this virtual product, and vice versa. However, you can claim credit for courses you did not attend. Participants are required to "claim credit" (up to the maximum number allowable) commensurate with their participation (according to the stated method of participation/instructions to learners) in/for each activity, even if there is a duplication of topics/lectures.

You may claim AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM with the virtual products. Credit claiming is avaialable on your computer, tablet, and your mobile phone.

If you are not attending the meeting and have purchased the virtual product(s), you may claim credits starting on the second day of the meeting, as content becomes available.

Eligible Courses are marked as "CME" and you have up to 3 years from the last day of the meeting to earn credits. To earn credits, log in, click on "My Library Dashboard" and select "CME Activities" in the left column. Select a meeting name or "CME Courses" button, next to a meeting. You will see a list of the courses offering CME credits and the progress you have made. Click on a course name to begin or to continue to earning credits. Use the Activity Steps navigation selection on the left side of the screen to move from step to step.

Yes, you can earn credits from mobile devices.

Faculty disclosures will be included in the videos themselves in an opening disclosure statement. CME information will be presented to you before watching your first course.

Your certificate can be accessed after completing all the Activity Steps, including the course evaluations. On the "My Library Dashboard" select "Certificates" under the CME section, in the left column. Once required evaluations are completed, you will be automatically transferred to the ACEP CME Tracker. Select your credit amount, add to your transcript and view and print certificate from the ACEP CME Tracker. All certificates are available on the ACEP portal only, and not from the Virtual ACEP website.