ACEP Scientific Assembly 2017

October 29 - November 1, 2017

Washington, DC

Annual Meeting

Max Credits: 190

Credit available 10/28/2017 - 10/27/2020

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
The 1st 30 Minutes: Initial Management of the Critically Ill Infant? 0.5
How to Safely Discharge Patients With PE 0.5
SEX! And the Role of Gender in Detection and Management of ACS 0.5
Been There, but Hope to Never Do That Again: Averting Common Airway Errors 1
From Paper to Patient: Recent Advances in Emergency Electrocardiography That Will Save a Life 1
Evolving Concepts in EMS 1
The Great Debate - Trauma: Old School Wisdom vs. New Age Tools 1
Procedural Ultrasound 1
Flip the Pimp 0.5
From Rags to Riches: Personal Finance for the Early Career EP 0.5
Subtle Signs of Abuse: Its Not All About Bruises? 0.5
Baked Beans: Considerations in AKI & ESRD 0.5
Nontraumatic Back Pain: Reasons Why It Should Tighten Your Sphincter 0.5
Is Normal Saline Normal? Or Is It Time to Bring Lactated Ringer's BACK Into the Ring? 0.5
ACEP Connect: High-Risk Procedural Sedation 1
Bedside Echocardiography: When Seconds Count 1
Guaranteed to Make You Laugh and Cry: Avoid Being Hung Out to Dry for HR, Online, and Social Missteps 1
Quiet Leadership: Introverts in an Emergency Medicine Extroverted World 1
The Unexpected Difficult Airway: How to Avoid It and How to Manage It 1
Acute Limb Ischemia: Red, White, or Blue - what to Do? 0.5
Redefining Reality in PTSD 0.5
What Do You Do? Controversial Protocols in EMS 0.5
ALTE/BRUE: Can This Kid Go Home?? 0.5
Appendicitis: What Do I Do Now? 0.5
Catch 22: Treating the Hypotensive Heart Failure Patient 0.5
ACEP Connect: The Heart of the Matter - Risk Stratification Tools, Cardiac Imaging, and Latest Treatments 1
Improving the Patient AND the Clinician ED Experience! 1
Cruising the Literature: Top Articles in Critical Care 1
The Modern Systems-Based Adverse Event Review: Tools From the Experts for Improving Safety 1
Emergent Suffering: Incorporating Palliative Care Into Your Clinical Practice 0.5
Major Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Not a Minor Problem 0.5
Trauma STAT! Fluids, Factors and the TEG! 0.5
ACEP Connect: Mental Health Patients in Your Department 1
Pediatric Status Asthmaticus in 2017: What's in Your Kitchen Sink? 0.5
Severe Sepsis: The Core Measure Bundle – Good Care or CMS Nightmare 0.5
Spinal Pathology: Striking the Right “Cord” With Your Diagnostic Skills 0.5
ACEP Connect: The Affordable Care Act - Friend and Foe 1
Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets, Fibrinolytics…Oh My! 1
The High-Risk Abdomen: Common Complaints and Crashing Patients 1
High-Risk Cases in EM: Selected Topics 1
Myocardial Ischemia and Mimics: ECG Cases 2
Glands Gone Bad: Endocrine Emergencies 0.5
Abdominal Pain That Isn’t: The Masqueraders 0.5
Pissing Matches and Hissy Fits: Navigating Conflict Amidst Chaos 0.5
Foreign Body Aspiration: What to Do When Kids Pretend to Be Piggy Banks? 0.5
Ventilator Management - Where's the Easy Button? 0.5
ACEP Connect: Burnout Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Today! 1
The ICU is Not Ready for Your Critical Patient, Are You? 1
Leadership Under Fire: When Crisis Defines Us 1
Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make in Pediatric Patients? 1
Cool, Calm and Collected in Chaos: How Learned Psychological Skills Enhance Performance Under Pressure 0.5
Dealing With Debt: The Low Down on Your Loans! 0.5
Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage: This Is Gonna Be a Bloody Nightmare 0.5
Concepts From the Conflicts: New Advances in Trauma Care 0.5
New Cardiac Drugs: How, What, and When to Use Them in the ED 0.5
Concussion Update 2017: What We Know, What We Think We Know, and What We Don't Know 0.5
Newborn Resuscitation: Born but Not Breathing? 0.5
All Politics Is Local:  How State Wins Add up in the House of Medicine 1
Battle Forged: How the Military Has Shaped Emergency Medicine 1
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Neurovascular Emergencies 1
EBM in PEM: Are You Practicing It?? 1
ED Quality Improvement in the Era of Payment Reform: What Is Working and How Can E-QUAL Help 1
Alternative Payment Models: The New Reimbursement Frontier 0.5
Chest Pain in the ED: Is One Troponin Enough? 0.5
Therapy for STEMI: Update 2017 0.5
Aortic Dissection: Are You Missing the Diagnosis? 0.5
Problems With the Shunt: Best Practices for Evaluation of VP Shunt Issues 0.5
Teaching on the Run: Tips and Tricks to Make Teaching More Efficient and Fun 0.5
Advanced Practice Providers: Safe Supervision in the ED 1
Emergency Toxicology - Emerging Trends: Cases in Poisoning Management 1
Case Studies of Subtle Presentations of Devastating Neurological Conditions 1
Code Talkers: A Point-Counterpoint Dialogue of Cardiac Arrest Management and What They Don’t Teach in ACLS 1
The Crashing Patient: Pearls for the Pre- and Post-Arrest Period 1
ED Quality in the Eyes of the Patient: Does the Internet Lie? 0.5
Taming the Beast: Alcohol Withdrawal 0.5
Will They Listen? Delivering Effective Feedback 0.5
Pain in the Neck: Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertebral and Carotid Dissections 0.5
Plumbing or the Pump: Problems in Congenital Heart Kids? 0.5
Sore Throats That Kill and Other Nightmare ENT Emergencies 0.5
FAST FACTS: It's Alimentary - Poo-Pourri of Conditions From the Mouth to Rectum 1
Critical Care Emergency Ultrasound 1
Freestanding Emergency Departments: Threat, Opportunity, or Both? 1
Life-Threatening Radiographic Emergencies in Pediatric Patients 1
Reading a Trauma CT 1
The Airway Triple Threat: Allergy, Anaphylaxis and Angioedema 0.5
Fussy Infant 0.5
Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful Emergency Physicians 0.5
Clear as Mud: C-Spine Clearance 2017 0.5
Survey Design for Idiots 0.5
Under Pressor! Utilizing IV Pressors in the ED 0.5
Cranial Nerves: When Is It an Emergency? 1
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Cardiology 1
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Geriatrics 1
FAST FACTS: High-Yield Toxicology 1
United We Stand: The Influence of Emergency Physicians on Key Health and Public Policy (Colin C. Rorrie, Jr. Lecture) 1
Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management: Meds, Needles, and Your Hands 0.5
Poisoned and Bizarre! ECGs in Toxicologic Emergencies 0.5
Too Hot to Handle! Resuscitation and Management of the Critical Burn Patient 0.5
MASCAL Every Day: Wartime Lessons for Successful Disaster Response 0.5
Emerging Infections: Zika and Its Friends 0.5
Women in Medicine 0.5
This Boarding is Crazy: What to Do With Mental Health Boarders in Your Department 1
Dysrhythmias and Syncope 1
High-Risk Cases in EM: Popular Topics 1
Super Strategies to Help Your Super-Utilizers: Care Coordination in the ED 1
Undifferentiated Shock: Making a Difference 1
Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in the House of Medicine 0.5
Quick Doc: Providers in Triage 0.5
REBOA: Is it Ready for Prime Time? 0.5
Making Medicaid Great Again: Cost-Effective Legislative and Emergency Department Solutions 0.5
Focused Orthopedics: Back to the Basics 0.5
Staying Cool With Pediatric Fever 0.5
Cruising the Literature: Trauma 2017 1
Innovative Strategies to Optimize Your Emergency Department’s Flow 1
Resolving Tensions Between Personal Ethics and Institutional Mandates 1
Update in the Management of Ischemic Stroke Patients 2017 1
The Great Debates: Weed Wars and Gun Violence 1
Infections With Deadly Consequences 0.5
Pandora’s Pill Box: Polypharmacy in the Elderly Patient 0.5
Paranoid to Paralyze: How to Safely Perform Awake Intubations 0.5
Fast Track Success: Avoiding Pitfalls and Getting up to Speed 0.5
The Crashing Tox Patient 0.5
Therapy For NSTEMI: Update 2017 0.5
Above Us Only Sky: Exploring Transitions, Challenges, and Strategies of Women in Leadership Roles 1
FAST FACTS: Bent, Broken and Backed up - Male GU Emergencies 1
FAST FACTS: Wilderness Medicine 1
Black Box Drugs We Still Use – What’s the Risk? 0.5
NEW Drugs of Abuse 0.5
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ on: Update on Seizure and Status Management 0.5
Is There a Doctor on Board? Medicine in the Friendly Skies 0.5
4:1, 3:1, 2:1 Making Sense of Massive Transfusion 0.5
Demented, Delirious, or Depressed? Not You, Your Patient! 0.5
Rev up Your Procedural and Critical Care RVUs 0.5
Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Time Critical Interventions 1
Avoiding Pediatric Airway Panic: Advanced Pediatric Airway Management 1
Cruising the Infectious Disease Literature 1
Debunking Trauma Myths: It’s Not Just Politics 1
Dying to be Pain Free: The US Opioid Drug Death Epidemic 1
Lightning Rounds: Environmental Disorders by Visual Diagnosis 1
DKA and Hyperosmolar Syndrome—High-Yield Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
Do Your Patients Know You Care? Effective Tactics to Convey Empathy 0.5
Metabolically Challenged Children: No Pathways, Just Practical Practice 0.5
What Does a Negative Cardiac Workup Mean Anyway? 0.5
Stop the Pounding: Update on Headache Assessment and Treatment 0.5
Super Bowl Medicine: Behind the Scenes of Emergency Planning and Preparedness 0.5
Don’t Diss Dyspnea – Integrating Ultrasound to Cheat Death 1
#InsuranceFail: Exploring Solutions to Surprise Coverage Gaps 1
Through Thick and Thin: New Anticoagulants and Their Reversal 1
GOTCHA! The Medical Chart: Anticipating the Lawyer’s Review 1
Recognizing the Top Ten Pediatric and Adult Rashes 1
Give a Drowning Man a Drink: Fluid Resuscitation and Sepsis Care in the Volume Overloaded Patient 0.5
Quick Tips: ENT Procedures in the ED 0.5
Trauma STAT! Don’t Miss This Visual Cue! 0.5
Difficult Dislocations 0.5
The New Frontier of Criminal Liability 0.5
Preoxygenate Like a Pro 0.5
FAST FACTS: Sports Medicine 1
FAST FACTS: Coming to a Shop Near You: The Latest and Greatest in ED Technology 1
Critical Update in Toxicology 2017 1
Cruising the Literature: Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2017? 1
FAST FACTS: High Yield Infectious Disease 1
Hemostasis Without Direct Pressure: ED Applications of Tranexamic Acid 0.5
Stop the Bleeding: New Technologies For Hemorrhage Control 0.5
Goodbye SGR, Hello MACRA and MIPS 1
Using Capnography as Your Crystal Ball 0.5
Pediatric Stroke 0.5
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Who Needs the LP? 0.5
FAST FACTS: Let’s Chat About Adult Trauma 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of 2017 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Articles 1
Overcoming Cognitive Blind Spots to Improve Outcomes (James D. Mills, Jr. Memorial Lecture) 1
FAST FACTS: Let’s Chat About Pediatric Trauma 1
Ten Fatal Imaging Myths That Should Change Your Practice 1
#InsuranceFail: How Exchanges and HDHPs Have Impacted the Advocacy Mission for Emergency Medicine 0.5
Fully Baked: Emergencies After the First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy and Postpartum Disasters 0.5
Tech Heads: Caring for the Hole Patient 0.5
Airway Checklist: Are You Ready 0.5
Atrial Fibrillation Update 2017: Don’t Miss a Beat 0.5
Lies Your Mother Told You: Selected PEM Topics 1
MOC Update and How to Stay Certified 1
FAST FACTS: New Concepts for Pain Management 1
Protect that Airway! The Perils of Intubating and Sedating a Critically Ill Patient 1
Save the Blade! Advanced Strategies in Noninvasive Ventilation 1
Metabolic Madness - When Na Is Not Okay 0.5
Management of Massive Hemoptysis: Save Your Drowning Patient! 0.5
RVU Killers: The Most Common Reimbursement Documentation Errors 0.5
Pelvic Ultrasound for Pelvic Pain: Make the diagnosis! 0.5
What’s the Big Deal With FOAMed? 0.5
ID Cases: Bad Outcomes 1
Hand Revealed 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of the Patient Safety Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Articles 1
50 Shades of Gray Matter: Neuroimaging in the ED 1
Number Needed to Treat: Pinpointing ED Interventions That Matter Most 1
Chest Tubes—Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
Imaging in Tiny Trauma Patients 0.5
There’s an App for That: Phone Apps You Should Know About 0.5
City Slicker Dermatology: From Bed Bugs to Poison Ivy 0.5
Emergency Delivery: Are You Prepared? 0.5
Syncope With a Lethal Twist 0.5
FAST FACTS: Diagnosis Dyspnea! 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2017: Part 1 1
Don’t Blink: Plain Film Diagnoses You Cannot Afford to Miss 1
Orthopedic Reductions and Regional Blocks 1
Secrets Of Abdominal CT Masters 1
You Take My Breath Away: ARDS/ALI 0.5
Painful Conversations: Managing Expectations and Introducing Non-Opioid Therapies 0.5
Skin Deep—Tricks of the Trade From Eczema to Scabies 0.5
The Difficult Abdomen: Approaches to Patients With Chronic Abdominal Disorders 0.5
Pediatric DKA: Not Just Little People With Hyperglycemia 0.5
Global Health Initiatives: First Do No Harm 0.5
Catastrophes In Lupus Patients - Watch out! 0.5
Less Pain, Your Gain: Developing A Better System for Sickle Cell Patients 0.5
Understanding “The Standard of Care” 0.5
Cruising the Literature: Cardiology 2017 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2017: Part 2 1
Classic Pediatric Rashes 1
FAST FACTS: The Pregnant Patient: CVA, PE, Peri-Mortem C-Section, Chest Pain, Working up Appendicitis 1
DOA PDQ: Rapidly Fatal Infections 0.5
Lactate and the BioMarkers: Tool or Stool? 0.5
Orthopedic Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
Digital Health and Drones in Tomorrow's ED 0.5
Severe, Asymptomatic Hypertension: Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There 0.5
Cutting-Edge Technology to Save the Crashing Patient 0.5
Acid Base That Actually Matters: A Case-Based Approach 1
Why ‘What Do You Mean Dizzy?’ Should Not Be the First Question You Ask of a Dizzy Patient 1
FAST FACTS: High-Yield Dermatology 1
Integration of Pharmacologic & Non-Pharmacologic Techniques to Enhance Pediatric Minor Procedures 1
Ten Most Commonly Missed Radiographic Findings in the ED 1
Lung Bugs and Drugs 2017 0.5
Mission Impossible? Maximize CMS Sepsis Core Measure Compliance and Patient Centered Outcomes 0.5
Personal Preparedness: Protecting Yourself So That You Can Save Others 0.5
One If by Land, Two If by Air? ECMO in Critical Care Transport 0.5
Pediatric Chest Pain and Syncope: Bad or Benign 0.5
Traumacology: Drugs for the Trauma Bay 0.5
Antibiotic Update 1
Fixing Faces Painlessly: Facial Anesthesia, Regional Blocks 1
More Than Meets the Eye: Unusual Presentations of Ophtho Emergencies You Might Not See Coming 1
Pediatric Orthopedics 1
How to Avoid ‘Avoidable’ Imaging: Lessons Learned From ACEP’s E-QUAL Network Choosing Wisely Project 1
Popping, Shooting, Snorting, and Huffing: Dermatologic Clues of Drug Abuse 0.5
Five Tips to Work Smarter in Your ED Using EHR 0.5
Your Team’s Code Does Not End With "Time of Death" 0.5
Can I Get a Witness? Tricks and Tips for Being an Effective Witness 0.5
Hypertensive Emergencies: Drugs, Drips and Drops 0.5
Into the Chamber: Emergency Indications for Hyperbaric Medicine 1
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Critical Care Medicine in the ED 1
Heroic Procedures You Need to Know: Trauma Stat 1
Master Clinician Series: The Rapid, High-Yield Ortho Exam in the ED 1
Sensitive Situations: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Victims of Human Trafficking 1
Half-Baked: Emergencies in the First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy 0.5
Myths and Opportunities of Telemedicine 0.5
Skin on Fire – Stop the Burning! 0.5
Big Hurts, Small People: Pain Management of the Pediatric Trauma Patient 0.5
HIV and Fever: Easy as 1, 2, 3 in the ED 0.5
Breaking VAD 0.5
Advanced Wound Closure in the ED: Putting the Pieces Back Together 1
Best Care Everywhere: Improving Quality and Reimbursement Through Analytics 1
Eliminating Mental Mistakes in the ED: The Five Step Approach 1
Essential Ophthalmologic Procedures and Examinations 1
Approach to the Unknown Rash 0.5
Building or Refining That Perfect Curriculum 0.5