ACEP Scientific Assembly 2018

October 1-4, 2018

San Diego, CA

Annual Meeting

Max Credits: 203

Credit available 10/1/2018 - 10/4/2021

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Anticoagulation Reversal: Part of the ABCs of Resuscitation 0.5
Aortic Dissection: Are You Missing the Diagnosis? 0.5
Concussion Update 2018: What We Know, What We Think We Know, and What We Don't Know 1
Don’t Blink: Plain Film Diagnoses You Cannot Afford to Miss 1
Dying to be Pain Free: The US Opioid Drug Death Epidemic 1
Evolving Concepts in EMS 1
The ICU is Not Ready for Your Critical Patient, Are You? 1
ACEP Connect: Piecing Together the US Disaster Response Readiness Puzzle 1
Focused Orthopedics: A Royal Pain in the Back 0.5
Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful Emergency Physicians 0.5
Chest Tubes—Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
NEW Drugs of Abuse 0.5
Pediatric DKA: Not Just Little People With Hyperglycemia 0.5
ACEP Connect: Shots to the Heart - Cutting Edge Cardiac Arrest Management 1
Critical Care Emergency Ultrasound 1
Critical Update in Toxicology 2018 1
FAST FACTS: Coming to a Shop Near You - The Latest and Greatest in ED Technology 1
From Paper to Patient: Recent Advances in Emergency Electrocardiography That Will Save a Life 1
Protect That Airway! The Perils of Intubating and Sedating a Critically Ill Patient 1
Women in Medicine: Past, Present, and Future 1
Divorce, Depression, and Loss: How to Keep Going When It All Falls Apart 0.5
How to Succeed in Your First Five Years of Practice 0.5
Managing Dental Emergencies Like a Pro 0.5
Management of Massive Hemoptysis: Save Your Drowning Patient! 0.5
Been There, but Hope to Never Do That Again: Averting Common Airway Errors 0.5
Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Management: Meds, Needles, and Your Hands 1
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Neurovascular Emergencies 1
FAST FACTS: Let’s Chat About Pediatric Trauma 1
Lightning Rounds: Environmental Disorders by Visual Diagnosis 1
Procedural Ultrasound 1
What Do You Do? Controversial Protocols in EMS 0.5
Poisoned and Bizarre! ECGs in Toxicologic Emergencies 0.5
Thinking Twice About Transfusions: When TACOs and TRALIs Turn Treatment Into Tragedy 0.5
Cruising the Literature: Top Articles in Critical Care 1
FAST FACTS: Considering the Kidneys 1
Goodbye SGR! Hello MACRA and MIPS 1
GOTCHA! The Medical Chart: Anticipating the Lawyer’s Review 1
High-Risk Cases in EM: Popular Topics 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of 2018 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Articles 1
The Big Event: Behind the Scenes of Emergency Planning and Preparedness 0.5
Mind/Body: Exercise in Disease and Injury Prevention 0.5
So You’re an Outlier - Now What? Social Norm Feedback and the Emergency Physician 0.5
Scary Baby Bellies 0.5
Spinal Pathology: Striking the Right “Cord” With Your Diagnostic Skills 0.5
Stop the Bleeding: New Technologies For Hemorrhage Control 0.5
ACEP Connect: Transforming Frustration Into Motivation - Driving Policy Change 1
Bedside Echocardiography: When Seconds Count 1
Case Studies of Subtle Presentations of Devastating Neurological Conditions 1
Tapping the Joint 1
Under Pressor! Utilizing IV Pressors in the ED 1
The Unexpected Difficult Airway: How to Avoid It and How to Manage It 1
Big Hurts, Small People: Pain Management of the Pediatric Trauma Patient 0.5
Five Can't Miss Oncologic Emergencies 0.5
Cough, Stridor, and Wheeze in the Pediatric Patient: Gone in 30 Minutes 0.5
Hyperoxia: When More Is Less 0.5
Stop the Belly-Aching: Pearls and Pitfalls in the Care of Older Adults with Abdominal Pain 0.5
ACEP Connect: Breathe Easy - Airway Cases Managed by Experts 1
Is There a Doctor on Board? Medical Emergencies at 28,000 Feet 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of 2017 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Articles 1
There’s an App for That! Phone Apps You Should Know About 1
Workplace Violence Against Emergency Healthcare Providers 1
Digital Health and Drones in Tomorrow's ED 0.5
Infections in Small Places: Managing Mastoiditis, Orbital Cellulitis, and Neck Abscesses 0.5
Trauma STAT! Fluids, Factors and the TEG! 0.5
Pandora’s Pill Box: Polypharmacy in the Elderly Patient 0.5
Chart Beyond the Note: The Cost of Cutting, Pasting, and Addending 1
Cruising the Literature: Cardiology 2018 1
Cruising the Literature: Trauma 2018 1
Emergency Toxicology: Emerging Trends - Cases in Poisoning Management 1
Cardiac Tamponade: It Isn't a Thrill to Have No Fill 0.5
Nontraumatic Back Pain: Reasons Why It Should Tighten Your Sphincter 0.5
Emergency Delivery: Are You Prepared? 0.5
Too Hot to Handle! Resuscitation and Management of the Critical Burn Patient 0.5
ACEP Connect: Can't We All Just Get Along? A Generational Survival Guide 1
Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Time Critical Interventions 1
Cool, Calm and Collected in Chaos: How Learned Psychological Skills Enhance Performance Under Pressure 1
FAST FACTS: Psych - All the Voices You NEED to Hear 1
Late Pregnancy and Postpartum Emergencies 1
Reading a Trauma CT 1
ECMO in the ED: Fad or Future 0.5
New Cardiac Drugs: How, What, and When to Use Them in the ED 0.5
Revisiting Old Friends: Current Recommendations for STI Treatment 0.5
Delivering and Listening Wisely: Effective Feedback in the ED 0.5
Difficult Dislocations 0.5
FOAMed Part 1: How to Froth the Foam - Creating FOAMed 0.5
ACEP Connect: Law Without OrdER - Three Court Decisions Impacting ED Patient Care 1
FAST FACTS: Reimbursement Topics for the Practicing Emergency Physician 1
FAST FACTS: Lytes Out! Electrolytes Gone Wrong 1
FAST FACTS: Diagnosis Dyspnea! 1
Undifferentiated Shock: Making a Difference 1
Update in the Management of Ischemic Stroke Patients 2018 1
FOAMed Part 2: Drinking Your Foam - How to Utilize FOAMed 0.5
Law and OrdER: Interactions with Police in the ED 0.5
Break Glass in Case of Disaster: How the Single Coverage ED Physician Can Manage in the First 30 Minutes 0.5
High-Risk Actions You Do by Taking the Easy Road 0.5
Lung Ultrasound in the ED: Don’t Diss Dyspnea 0.5
ACEP Connect: Clotted Controversies - PE in the ED 1
Advanced Recognition and Treatment of Bradycardias and Blocks 1
The Crashing Patient: Pearls for the Pre- and Post-arrest Period 1
The Crashing Tox Patient 1
FAST FACTS: Problems in the Pregnant Patient 1
Today's System Based Adverse Event Review: Expert Tips for Improving Safety 1
DKA and Hyperosmolar Syndrome: High-Yield Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
The New Frontier of Criminal Liability 0.5
Building Today's Perfect Curriculum for Your Students and Teachers 0.5
Posterior Strokes: A Dizzying Differential 0.5
Bridging the Cultural Gap: Developing Cultural Competency 1
Brittle and Broken: Geriatric Trauma Practical Pearls 1
Cranial Nerves: When Is It an Emergency? 1
FAST FACTS: Glands Gone Bad! Metabolic Emergencies 1
Orthopedic Reductions and Regional Blocks 0.5
Powder Day Gone Bad: Update on Avalanche Injuries, Rescue, and Technology 0.5
#InsuranceFail: Who's Covering These Surprise Bills? 0.5
Paranoid to Paralyze: How to Safely Perform Awake Intubations 0.5
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On: Update on Seizure and Status Management 0.5
Acid Base That Actually Matters: A Case-Based Approach 1
Antibiotic Update 1
FAST FACTS: Neuro Potporri 1
FAST FACTS: Young and Strong - Sideline Medicine in Children and Adolescents 1
Surviving a Lawsuit 1
ALTE/BRUE: Can This Kid Go Home? 0.5
Alternative Payment Models: The New Reimbursement Frontier 0.5
Lactate and the BioMarkers: Tool or Stool? 0.5
Give a Drowning Man a Drink: Fluid Resuscitation and Sepsis Care in the Volume Overloaded Patient 0.5
IDK...IBD? 0.5
Lung Bugs and Drugs 2018 0.5
Cutting-Edge Technology to Save the Crashing Patient 1
Dysrhythmias and Syncope 1
A Historical Look at a "Modern" Problem: Lessons Learned from Active Shooter Incidents 1
Leadership Under Fire: Strategies for Success 1
Teaching on the Run: Tips and Tricks to Make Teaching More Efficient and Fun 1
Ultrasound-Guided ACLS Resuscitation 1
Hurts So Good? Somatosensory Pain Syndromes: What Do We Know? 0.5
MASCAL Every Day: Wartime Lessons for Successful Disaster Response 0.5
Parachutes for Pain Management: Therapies that Work in the Post-Opiate Era 0.5
Emergent Suffering: Incorporating Palliative Care Into Your Clinical Practice 1
Is Normal Saline Normal? Or Is It Time to Bring Lactated Ringer's BACK Into the Ring? 0.5
Emerging Diseases: Zika and Future Friends! 0.5
Burnt and Blasted: How to Manage Common Injuries from a Galaxy Far, Far Away 0.5
Code Talkers: A Point-Counterpoint Dialogue of Cardiac Arrest Management and What They Don’t Teach in ACLS 1
Cruising the Infectious Disease Literature 1
Rev Up Your Procedural and Critical Care RVUs 1
The Forgotten Bundle: RBBB and STEMI Equivalents 0.5
You Take My Breath Away: ARDS/ALI 0.5
Alcohol, Marijuana, and Drug Use in the House of Medicine 0.5
Battle Forged: How the Military Has Shaped Emergency Medicine 0.5
ACEP Connect: Crazy Cardiac Cases - Causing Chaos and Creating Controversy 1
FAST FACTS: Bent, Broken, and Backed Up – Male GU Emergencies 1
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Critical Care Medicine in the ED 1
Human Trafficking: What You Can Do to Help 1
Infections With Deadly Consequences 1
The Pediatric Airway - When Less Is More 1
ED Thoracotomy: When, Who, and How 0.5
Metabolically Challenged Children: No Pathways, Just Practical Practice 0.5
Can I Get a Witness? Tricks and Tips for Being an Effective Witness 0.5
Hemostasis Without Direct Pressure: ED Applications of Tranexamic Acid 0.5
Major Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Not a Minor Problem 0.5
Global Health Initiatives: First Do No Harm 1
The Great Debate - Trauma: Old School Wisdom vs. New Age Tools 1
New Guidelines in the Treatment of Agitation 1
Syncope With a Lethal Twist 1
Ten Fatal Imaging Myths That Should Change Your Practice 1
Why ‘What Do You Mean Dizzy?’ Should Not Be the First Question You Ask of a Dizzy Patient 1
Pain in the Neck: Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertebral and Carotid Dissections 0.5
Personal Preparedness: Protecting Yourself So That You Can Save Others 0.5
Tiny Waves in Tiny Tots: The Pediatric ECG 0.5
ED Quality in the Eyes of the Patient: Does the Internet Lie? 0.5
Non-traumatic Vision Loss 0.5
Pediatric Stroke 0.5
FAST FACTS: High Yield Infectious Disease 1
The Great Debates: Obamacare vs. Trumpcare 1
Lies Your Mother Told You: Selected PEM Topics 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2018: Part 1 1
Secrets of the Chest Imaging Masters 1
Wilderness Medicine 1
Atrial Fibrillation Update 2018: Don’t Miss a Beat 0.5
Dealing With Psychiatric Boarders 0.5
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Who Needs the LP? 0.5
Emergency Care for Transgender Patients 0.5
Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage: This Is Gonna Be a Bloody Nightmare 0.5
Finding Wellness and Purpose through Advocacy (Colin C. Rorrie, Jr. Lecture) 1
MOC Update and How to Stay Certified 1
Super Strategies to Help Your ED Super-Utilizers 1
Ten Most Commonly Missed Radiographic Findings in the ED 1
This Boarding is Crazy: What to Do With Mental Health Boarders in Your Department 1
Differentiating Dyspnea: Respiratory Failure 101 0.5
Subtle Signs of Abuse: It's Not All About Bruises 0.5
Acute Limb Ischemia: Red, White, or Blue - What to Do? 0.5
Pediatric Status Asthmaticus in 2018: What's in Your Kitchen Sink 0.5
Right Heart Resuscitation: Forgetting It Can Kill 0.5
Advanced Recognition and Treatment of Tachycardias and Blocks 1
Advanced Practice Providers: Coming to an ED Near You! 1
FAST FACTS: Narcotics to Naloxone - Effective Emergency Medicine Responses to the Opioid Crisis 1
Master Clinician Series: The Rapid, High-Yield Ortho Exam in the ED 1
Traumatic ICH: An Evidence Based Approach 1
Breaking VAD 0.5
Fussy Infant 0.5
Can We Can the Pan Scan? 0.5
Clear as Mud: C-Spine Clearance 2018 0.5
Into the Chamber: Emergency Indications for Hyperbaric Medicine 0.5
Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make in Pediatric Patients 1
Pediatric Orthopedics 1
Stop the Pounding: Update on Headache Assessment and Treatment 0.5
What Does a Negative Cardiac Workup Mean Anyway? 0.5
The Opioid Crisis: Becoming Un-Jaded 0.5
Preoxygenate Like a Pro 0.5
Quick Tips: ENT Procedures in the ED 0.5
RVU Killers: The Most Common Reimbursement Documentation Errors 0.5
Traumatic Eye Injuries and How to Manage Them 0.5
The Airway Triple Threat: Allergy, Anaphylaxis and Angioedema 1
Building a Better Workplace: Gender Equity in Emergency Medicine 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2018: Part 2 1
Cruising the Literature: Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2018 1
The Death Rash: Lethal Rashes You Can’t Miss 0.5
Traumacology: Drugs for the Trauma Bay 0.5
Hypertensive Emergencies: Drugs, Drips and Drops 0.5
Newborn Resuscitation: Born but Not Breathing 0.5
Therapy For NSTEMI: Update 2018 0.5
Through Thick and Thin: New Anticoagulants and Their Reversal 0.5
Fixing Faces Painlessly: Facial Anesthesia, Regional Blocks 1
Hand Revealed 1
How to Avoid ‘Avoidable’ Imaging 1
ID Cases: Bad Outcomes 1
Infections From Abroad: Unwanted Souvenirs 1
Medical Causes of Psychiatric Illnesses 0.5
Plumbing or the Pump: Problems in Congenital Heart Kids 0.5
Tropical Medicine: Now Showing in Your Local ED! 0.5
Airway Checklist: Are You Ready 0.5
Severe, Asymptomatic Hypertension: Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There 0.5
Wound Care for the 21st Century 0.5
EBM in PEM: Are You Practicing It? 1
Life-Threatening Radiographic Emergencies in Pediatric Patients 1
Overcoming Cognitive Blind Spots to Improve Outcomes 1
Save the Blade! Advanced Strategies in Noninvasive Ventilation 1
Medication Mayhem: Down the Hole 0.5
Telemedicine Crash Course 0.5
Taming the Beast: Alcohol Withdrawal 0.5
The Difficult Abdomen: Don't Get Punched in the Gut 1
Flip the Pimp 1
High-Risk Procedural Sedation 1
Avoiding Pediatric Airway Panic: Advanced Pediatric Airway Management 1
Social Media: Collaboration or Litigation? 1
25 Points in 25 Minutes: How to Make a Difference in Healthcare Policy 0.5
Therapy for STEMI: Update 2018 0.5
Foreign Body Aspiration: What to Do When Kids Pretend to Be Piggy Banks 0.5
Orthopedic Pearls and Pitfalls 0.5
Snot and Clot: Tips and Tricks to Manage Epistaxis in 2018 0.5
Tech Heads: Caring for the Hole Patient 0.5
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Cardiology 1
Emergency Ultrasound 101: 10 Things You Need to Know for Your Community ED Gig 1
Problems With the Shunt: Best Practices for Evaluation of VP Shunt Issues 0.5
Black Box Drugs We Use – What’s the Risk? 0.5
Skin Deep—Tricks of the Trade From Eczema to Scabies 0.5
Burnout 2.0: The Guide to Recovey 1
Demented, Delirious, or Depressed? Not You, Your Patient! 0.5
Chest Pain in the ED: Is One Troponin Enough? 0.5
ACS Risk Assessment: A Point-Counterpoint Dialogue of the Heart Pathway and Other Risk Stratification Tools 1
International Arrivals: Rashes From Around the World 0.5
Number Needed to Treat: Pinpointing ED Interventions That Matter Most 1
Approach to the Unknown Rash 0.5
South of the Border: The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of EM in Mexico 0.5
Recognizing the Top Ten Pediatric and Adult Rashes 1
Above Us Only Sky: Exploring Transitions, Challenges, and Strategies of Women in Leadership Roles 1
ACEP Connect: Effective Mentoring for Everyone 1
Pediatric Chest Pain and Syncope: Bad or Benign? 0.5
HIV and Fever: Easy as 1, 2, 3 in the ED 0.5
ACEP Connect: East and West Makes Best - Complementary Alternative Medicine Integration for ED Pain Management 1
Classic Pediatric Rashes 1
Using Capnography As Your Crystal Ball 0.5
Painful Conversations: Managing Expectations and Introducing Non-Opioid Therapies 0.5
Abdominal Pain That Isn’t: The Masqueraders 0.5