ACEP Scientific Assembly 2019

October 27-30, 2019

Denver, CO

Annual Meeting

Max Credits: 252

Credit available 10/27/2019 - 10/27/2022

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Above Us Only Sky: Exploring Transitions, Challenges, & Strategies of Women in Leadership Roles 1
Emergency General Surgery: Care Starts in the ED: ACEP Connect 1
Insight & Solutions into the Unique Challenges Women Often Face While Working Together 1
Lytes Out! Electrolytes Gone Wrong: FAST FACTS 1
Number Needed to Treat: Pinpointing ED Interventions That Matter Most 1
The Unexpected Difficult Airway: How to Avoid It & How to Manage It 1
Myocardial Ischemia & Mimics: ECG Cases 2
EsophaGOOSE: Boerhaaves & Other Esophageal Emergencies 0.5
Hardware Headaches: Complications of Central Nervous System Devices 0.5
Pain in the Neck: Diagnosis & Treatment of Vertebral & Carotid Dissections 0.5
Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful Emergency Physicians 0.5
Basics in Burn Management 0.5
Picking a HOLE New Approach to Epistasis 0.5
Ultrasound-Guided ACLS Resuscitation 0.5
Badges, Games, and Escape Rooms? Innovative Education for Today’s Learner 1
Breathe Easy - Airway Cases Managed by Experts: ACEP Connect 1
Concussion Update 2019: Finding the Facts & Debunking the Myths 1
Critical Care Emergency Ultrasound 1
Social Medicine That Matters Most in the Trenches 1
Ventilator Management: Where's the Easy Button? 1
Hacking Your EM Life! Managing Patient, Family & Self 0.5
Pediatric Lung Ultrasound: Time to Ditch the Chest X-Ray? 0.5
Macgyvering in 2019: New Uses for Old Tools 0.5
Orthopedic Pearls & Pitfalls 0.5
Resuscitation for your Reputation: Recovering from Wrong 0.5
FIX Conference 6
A Different Kind of TWOfer: Trauma in Pregnancy 0.5
How to Sleep Soundly after Discharging Suicidal Patients from Your ED 0.5
Remember That Patient You Saw? How to Minimize Patient Bouncebacks to the ED 0.5
STEMI Reperfusion Therapy in a Non-Invasive Facility: What Should I Do? 0.5
ED Crowding: Lack of Capacity or Leadership 1
Gun Violence & EM: #Itisourlane (James D. Mills, Jr. Memorial Lecture) 1
Late Pregnancy & Postpartum Emergencies 1
Leadership Under Fire: Strategies for Success 1
Many Faces of Disaster 1
Procedural Ultrasound 1
Why Emergency Physicians Should Be Running Your Hospital 1
Don’t Ovary Act: Vaginal Bleeding in the Non-Pregnant Patient 0.5
Hypertensive Emergencies: Drugs, Drips & Drops 0.5
Pocket and Portable Ultrasound Machines: Pros and Cons 0.5
Problems With the Shunt: Best Practices for Evaluation of VP Shunt Issues 0.5
Bloody Hell: Upper GI Bleed Management in the ED 0.5
Bones, Beads, & Beans: ENT Foreign Bodies 0.5
25 Points in 25 Minutes: How to Make a Difference in Healthcare Policy 0.5
Shaken Not Stirred: Alcohol Withdrawal 0.5
Beyond Good, Bad, or Ugly: Advanced Echocardiography 1
Big Red in Big Trouble: Aortic Disasters 1
Code Talkers: A Point-Counterpoint Dialogue of Cardiac Arrest Management & What They Don’t Teach in ACLS 1
Corporate Medicine: How Did We Get Here? 1
Dying to be Pain Free: The US Opioid Drug Death Epidemic 1
Fixing Faces Painlessly: Facial Anesthesia, Regional Blocks 1
GOTCHA! The Medical Chart: Anticipating the Lawyer’s Review 1
New Sepsis Guidelines: Latest But Not Greatest 0.5
Acute Limb Ischemia: Red, White, or Blue - What to Do? 0.5
Breaking the Cycle: Implementing a Community Violence Intervention Program in the ED 0.5
Infections With Deadly Consequences 0.5
Orthopedic Reductions & Regional Blocks 0.5
Anticoagulation Reversal: Part of the ABCs of Resuscitation 0.5
Palliative Care in the ED 0.5
Streamlining Door to Needle Times for Stroke in the Non-Stroke Center: How'd They Do That? 0.5
This Boarding is Crazy: What to Do With Mental Health Boarders in Your ED 0.5
Other People's Parts: Transplant Patients in the ED 0.5
Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: Time Critical Interventions 1
Clinicians in the Crosshairs: Workplace Violence Against Emergency Providers 1
ECG in Syncope 1
High-Risk Cases in EM: Part 1 1
HIV in Your ED: What Are You Missing? 1
Under Pressor! Utilizing IV Pressors in the ED 1
Discharge or Disaster? Differentiating Between Harmless & Dangerous Causes of the Acute Red Eye 0.5
IDK...IBD? 0.5
Major Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Not a Minor Problem 0.5
The Emergency Department Approach to the Patient with Acute Diarrhea 0.5
Paranoid to Paralyze: How to Safely Perform Awake Intubations 0.5
Who Needs the LP?: ACEP Connect 1
Clear as Mud: C-Spine Clearance 2018 0.5
Five Key Skills to Help You Land the Perfect Job 0.5
Right Heart Resuscitation: Forgetting It Can Kill 0.5
Stop the Bleeding: New Technologies For Hemorrhage Control 0.5
Atrial Fibrillation Update 2019: Don't Miss a Beat 0.5
Big Hurts, Small People: Pain Management of the Pediatric Trauma Patient 0.5
Chart Beyond the Note: The Cost of Cutting, Pasting, & Addending 0.5
Differentiating Dyspnea: Respiratory Failure 101 0.5
Going to Pieces: Rapid, High Yield ED Ortho Exam 1
High-Yield Infectious Disease: FAST FACTS 1
Opiate Withdrawal in the ED - Treat or Street: ACEP Connect 1
Pediatric Myths, Misnomers and Flat Out Lies 1
Problems in the Pregnant Patient: FAST FACTS 1
Reimbursement Topics for the Practicing Emergency Physician: FAST FACTS 1
Hurts So Good? Somatosensory Pain Syndromes: What Do We Know? 0.5
Management of Pelvic Trauma: Binders, REBOA, & More! 0.5
Subtle Signs of Abuse: It's Not All About Bruises 0.5
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On: Update on Seizure & Status Management 0.5
Black Box Drugs We Use: What’s the Risk? 0.5
Break Glass in Case of Disaster: How the Single Coverage ED Physician Can Manage in the First 30 Minutes 0.5
Catch 22: Treating the Hypotensive Heart Failure Patient 0.5
Rapid AMI Diagnosis: Has the One Hour Rule Out Finally Arrived? 0.5
Critical Update in Toxicology 2019 1
Debunking Trauma Myths: It’s Not Just Politics 1
EM for Delivery: How Elite Entrepreneurs are Innovating Healthcare (Nancy J. Auer Lecture) 1
How to Make Money & How to Keep it: ACEP Connect 1
Patient Satisfaction: Truths, Half-Truths & Utter Lies - A Debate for the Ages 1
Use or Abuse?: Pediatric Fractures & Their Causes 1
Crash, Burn, or Fly: Aviation Applications to EM 0.5
Focused Orthopedics: A Royal Pain in the Back 0.5
ID Potpourri Pitfalls in the ED 0.5
VADs, Vests, & Zaps: Managing Malfunctioning Cardiac Devices 0.5
Rocky Mountain High: How State-Based Marijuana Policy Intersects with Emergency Care 0.5
TIA Management: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There 0.5
Too Hot to Handle! Resuscitation & Management of the Critical Burn Patient 0.5
Tropical Medicine: Now Showing in Your Local ED! 0.5
Avoiding Pediatric Airway Panic: Advanced Pediatric Airway Management 1
Considering the Kidneys: FAST FACTS 1
Do No Harm - The Perils of Intubating & Sedating a Critically Ill Patient: ACEP Connect 1
From Paper to Patient: Recent Advances in Emergency Electrocardiography That Will Save a Life 1
Trauma STAT! Don’t Miss This Visual Cue! 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2019: Part 1 2
Coffee House Chats: Work/Life Balance 0.5
Disorders of Deranged Platelets: Making Thin Thick Again 0.5
Medical Causes of Psychiatric Illnesses 0.5
Building Today's Perfect Curriculum for Your Students & Teachers 0.5
Hand Revealed 0.5
Lung Bugs & Drugs 2019 0.5
Lung Ultrasound in the ED: Don’t Diss Dyspnea 0.5
Coming to a Shop Near You - The Latest & Greatest in ED Technology: FAST FACTS 1
Cruising the Infectious Disease Literature 1
Cruising the Literature: Cardiology 2019 1
Cruising the Literature: Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2019 1
East & West Makes Best - Complementary Alternative Medicine Integration for ED Pain Management: ACEP Connect 1
Let’s Chat About Pediatric Trauma: FAST FACTS 1
ED Quality in the Eyes of the Patient: Does the Internet Lie? 0.5
Emergency Delivery: Are You Prepared? 0.5
Medication Use in Cardiac Arrest: Do Any of These Meds Really Do Any Good? 0.5
Stop the Pounding: Update on Headache Assessment & Treatment 0.5
2019 Updates in Wound Closure in the ED 0.5
Alternative Payment Models: The New Reimbursement Frontier 0.5
From Rags to Riches: Personal Finance for the Early Career EP 0.5
Managing Dental Emergencies Like a Pro 0.5
Building a Better Workplace: Creating Diversity & Inclusion in your ED! 1
Cranial Nerves: When Is It an Emergency? 1
Crazy Cardiac Cases - Causing Chaos & Creating Controversy: ACEP Connect 1
Glands Gone Bad! Metabolic Emergencies: FAST FACTS 1
Innovative Strategies to Optimize ED Flow 1
Top 10 Antibiotic Mistakes in the ED 1
What's New in Antibiotics in the ED 1
A Subtle & Deadly Presentation: Myocarditis 0.5
Dogmalysis: Challenging Myths & Dogma in Emergency Medicine 0.5
Emergency Management Playbook: Getting to Know the Players in Disaster Response 0.5
Trauma STAT! Fluids, Factors & the TEG! 0.5
Demented, Delirious, or Depressed? Not You, Your Patient! 0.5
Physical Exam vs Imaging in Blunt Neck Injuries 0.5
Run your Body, Free Your Mind 0.5
Spinal Pathology: Striking the Right “Cord” With Your Diagnostic Skills 0.5
Coffee House Chats: Working as a Female in the ED 0.5
Diagnosis Dyspnea!: FAST FACTS 1
Emerging Trends - Cases in Poisoning Management 1
Life-Saving Procedures in Trauma 1
Super Strategies to Help Your ED Super-Utilizers 1
Surviving a Lawsuit 1
The Crashing Patient: Pearls for the Pre- & Post-arrest Period 1
Nebulous Neck Masses: A Difficult Differential Diagnosis 0.5
Plumbing or the Pump: Problems in Congenital Heart Kids 0.5
RVU Killers: The Most Common Reimbursement Documentation Errors 0.5
Severe, Asymptomatic Hypertension: Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There 0.5
Surprised by Surprise Billing? A Capitol Hill Update on the Out of Network Process 0.5
Blocks Unblinded: Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia 0.5
Posterior Strokes: A Dizzying Differential 0.5
Secured the Airway, Now What? Best Practices for Post-Intubation Sedation 0.5
Still Dope: New on the Scene 0.5
AI is Here & is Your Friend: What Machine Learning Can Do For You in your ED 1
Moving from Unwellness to Wellness at the Organizational Level 1
Narcotics to Naloxone - Effective EM Responses to the Opioid Crisis: FAST FACTS 1
New Concepts for Pain Management: FAST FACTS 1
Non-Traditional AMI Presentations: Don't Miss the Diagnosis 1
Dying With Dignity: Incorporating Palliative Care Into Your Practice 0.5
High Flow Nasal Canula vs. BIPAP vs. Intubation in Patients in Respiratory Distress 0.5
Revisiting Old Friends: Current Recommendations for STI Treatment 0.5
Smile for the Camera: Invasions of Privacy in the ED 0.5
Acid Base That Actually Matters: A Case-Based Approach 1
Bent, Broken, & Backed Up – Male GU Emergencies: FAST FACTS 1
Case Studies of Subtle Presentations of Devastating Neurological Conditions 1
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Critical Care Medicine in the ED 1
High-Yield Dermatology: FAST FACTS 1
Law Without OrdER - Three Court Decisions Impacting ED Patient Care: ACEP Connect 1
The ICU is Not Ready for Your Critical Patient, Are You? 1
Pediatric Stroke 0.5
Rev Up Your RVUs: Secret Revenue & Side Gigs 0.5
Syncope With a Lethal Twist 0.5
Young & Strong: Sideline Medicine in Children & Adolescents 0.5
ALTE/BRUE: Can This Kid Go Home? 0.5
Been There, but Hope to Never Do That Again: Averting Common Airway Errors 0.5
Cough, Stridor, & Wheeze in the Pediatric Patient: Gone in 30 Minutes 0.5
Cyclic Vomiting: A Medication Bottomless Pit? 0.5
Cruising the Literature: Trauma 2019 1
EDPECS is Coming!: Preparing for the New Patient Experience Reality of EM 1
Locums as a Career: Lucrative or Loco? 1
Procedural Sedation: Smooth as Glass or Clinical Mayhem? 1
Psych - All the Voices You NEED to Hear: FAST FACTS 1
That's Crazy Talk: Using Health Policy to Improve Care for our Mental Health Patients (Colin C. Rorrie, Jr. Lecture) 1
The Heart of the Matter - Risk Stratification Tools, Cardiac Imaging, & Latest Treatments: ACEP Connect 1
Cardiac Tamponade: It Isn't a Thrill to Have No Fill 0.5
Do Not Pass Go: Criminal Liability for Patient Care 0.5
Preoxygenate Like a Pro 0.5
There’s an App for That! Phone Apps You Should Know About 0.5
Nontraumatic Back Pain: Reasons Why It Should Tighten Your Sphincter 0.5
Parachutes for Pain Management: Therapies that Work in the Post-Opiate Era 0.5
Vanc & Zosyn Is Not The Answer to Everything 0.5
Ask the Experts: Ethical Dilemmas & Tough Decisions in the Emergency Department 1
Cold, Rain, Snow, Heat, Fire & Flood- Climate Change in your ED: FAST FACTS 1
Life-Threatening Radiographic Emergencies in Pediatric Patients 1
Split Flow Success – Avoiding Pitfalls & Getting Up to Speed!: ACEP Connect 1
The Great Debate: Trauma - Old School Wisdom vs. New Age Tools 1
What Do You Mean Dizzy? 1
Fussy Infant 0.5
Kids Behaving Badly: Pediatric Psych 0.5
Little Bonks, Little Heads: Pediatric Concussion & Head Injury 0.5
Wide & Whacked Tachycardias: A Rational Approach to Diagnosis & Management of Wide Complex Tachycardia 0.5
How to be an Effective Mentor 0.5
Nontraumatic Vision Loss 0.5
Skin Deep: Tricks of the Trade From Eczema to Scabies 0.5
Therapy for STEMI: Update 2019 0.5
Become a Star at your Deposition: An Insider's Guide 1
Critical Topics in Behavioral Emergencies for Emergency Physicians: Operational Improvement 1
Cruising the Literature: Top Articles in Critical Care 1
How I Make a Difference With Social Media: ACEP Connect 1
The 1st 60 Minutes: Initial Management of the Critically Ill Infant 1
Clinical Pearls from the Recent Medical Literature 2019: Part 2 2
#InsuranceFail: Who's Covering These Surprise Bills? 0.5
#ShowMeTheMoney: How CMS's PVBM & MIPS Affect Physician Compensation 0.5
Burnout 3.0: Your Road to Recovery 0.5
Rashes to Know in the Anti-Vax Population 0.5
Classic Pediatric Rashes 0.5
Difficult Dislocations 0.5
Freestanding EDs: Threat, Opportunity, or Both? 0.5
Scary Baby Bellies 0.5
Don’t Blink: Plain Film Diagnoses You Cannot Afford to Miss 1
Flying High: Airborne Emergencies 1
Legal & Legit? Vices in the Young: FAST FACTS 1
The Airway Triple Threat: Allergy, Anaphylaxis & Angioedema 1
Transforming Frustration Into Motivation - Driving Policy Change: ACEP Connect 1
Abdominal Pain That Isn’t: The Masqueraders 0.5
Advanced Recognition & Treatment of Bradycardias & Blocks 0.5
Staying Cool With Pediatric Fever 0.5
This Kid Is Not Right: Flaccid Myelitis, ADEM, NMDA Receptor Antibodies 0.5
Emergency Care for Transgender Patients 0.5
Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Entering an Academic Career in Teaching 0.5
Hemostasis Without Direct Pressure: ED Applications of Tranexamic Acid 0.5
Infections in Small Places: Managing Mastoiditis, Orbital Cellulitis, & Neck Abscesses 0.5
Brittle & Broken: Geriatric Trauma Practical Pearls 1
Double Jeopardy: Risk in Psychiatric Emergencies 1
Let’s Chat About Adult Trauma: FAST FACTS 1
Reading a Trauma CT 1
Recognizing the Top Ten Pediatric & Adult Rashes 1
Ten Most Commonly Missed Radiographic Findings in the ED 1
The Quick Scroll: CT Findings You Should Look For 1
Abscess Management: Incise Smarter 0.5
High-Risk Actions You Do by Taking the Easy Road 0.5
Powder Day Gone Bad: Update on Avalanche Injuries, Rescue, & Technology 0.5
Thinking Twice About Transfusions: When TACOs & TRALIs Turn Treatment Into Tragedy 0.5
More Than A Poke To the Eye: Traumatic Eye Injuries 0.5
The Art of the Pivot: Winning the Conversation 0.5
The Death Rash: Lethal Rashes You Can’t Miss 0.5
Tiny Waves in Tiny Tots: The Pediatric ECG 0.5
When Tickers Start to Flicker: Critical Pacemaker Malfunctions 0.5
Austere Critical Care: Lessons Straight From the Battlefield 1
Cardiology Pearls at a Regular, Rapid Rhythm: FAST FACTS 1
Coffee House Chats: Cultural Competency Issues in the Work Place 0.5
Cool, Calm & Collected in Chaos: How Learned Psychological Skills Enhance Performance Under Pressure 1
High-Risk Cases in EM: Part 2 1
Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make in Pediatric Patients 1
You're Out of Reach: Tricks to Doing an Exam & Treating Patients Without Being in the Same Room 1
Newborn Resuscitation: Born but Not Breathing 0.5
The Forgotten Bundle: RBBB & STEMI Equivalents 0.5
Twitter Anyone? Using Social Media to Teach, Learn, & Get Promoted! 0.5
Deescalation in the ED: Treating Agitation 0.5
How to Succeed in Your First Five Years of Practice 0.5
Professionalism is Priceless: Physicians Behaving Badly 0.5
What Do You Do? Controversial Protocols in EMS 0.5
Developing Your Career Niche in Emergency Medicine 0.5
Quick Doc: Providers in Triage 0.5
Tapping A Joint 0.5
Therapy For NSTEMI: Update 2019 0.5
More than a Neuro Admission: Management Updates of Ischemic Stroke Patients 2019 1
Ptosis, Tingling, & More Neuro Potpourri: FAST FACTS 1
The ABC's of MOC : What Do I Need to Do & What Will Change? 1
Undifferentiated Shock: Making a Difference 1
Give a Drowning Man a Drink: Fluid Resuscitation & Sepsis Care in the Volume Overloaded Patient 0.5
Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage: This Is Gonna Be a Bloody Nightmare 0.5
Quick Tips: ENT Procedures in the ED 0.5
Understanding the "Sick" in Sickle Cell 0.5
At Risk & Vulnerable: ED Perspectives in Sexual Assault, IPV & Human Trafficking 0.5
Approach to the Unknown Rash 0.5
Chest Tubes—Pearls & Pitfalls 0.5
Going Public: Getting Your Message Out to the Masses 0.5
More Than Skin Deep: Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases 0.5
Step Two to the Ottawa Rule: Reading a Foot & Ankle X-ray 0.5
Traumacology: Drugs for the Trauma Bay 0.5
Anticoagulants, Antiplatelets, Fibrinolytics…Oh My! 1
Emergency Ultrasound 101: 10 Things You Need to Know for Your Community ED Gig 1
Global Health Initiatives: First Do No Harm 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of 2018 Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment Articles 1
Nightmare ENT Emergencies: Sore Throats That Can Kill 1
Top 10 Decisions ED Leaders Need to Make When Designing a High-Performance ED 1
The Pediatric Airway: When Less Is More 1
Trauma Imaging Injury Patterns 1
Wilderness Medicine 1
Pediatric Status Asthmaticus in 2019: What's in Your Kitchen Sink 0.5
Stop the Belly-Aching: Pearls & Pitfalls in the Care of Older Adults with Abdominal Pain 0.5
DKA & Hyperosmolar Syndrome: High-Yield Pearls & Pitfalls 0.5
How I Learned to Love Treating Chronic Abdominal Pain & Vomiting 0.5
Using Capnography As Your Crystal Ball 0.5
You're Feeling Sleepy Now: Pediatric Sedation 0.5
Evolving Concepts in EMS 1
Maintaining Your ABEM Certification: Review of 2019 Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment Articles 1
Pediatric DKA: Not Just Little People With Hyperglycemia 0.5
No Neurologist? No Problem! Neurocritical Care in the Community ED 1
Rescue Strategies for Severe Hypoxia in the ED 1
Cardiomyopathy: Confusing Cardiac Cases 0.5
Management of Massive Hemoptysis: Save Your Drowning Patient! 0.5
Subtle Strokes: Symptoms You Can't Neglect! 0.5
Five Can't Miss Oncologic Emergencies 0.5
How & Why Geriatric ED Accreditation is a Good Idea for Your Hospital, Your ED, & Your Patients 0.5
How to Discharge the PE Patient Safely 0.5
The Death of Normal Saline: IV Fluids in 2019 0.5
A Rapid Response to System Based Errors: Expert Tips for Improving Safety 1
FOAMed: Is it Reliable? Is it Legal? Does Anyone Read Books or Journals Anymore? 1
Through the Looking Glass: Why Healthcare's Future Requires the Skills of EM 1
Handy Skills: Reading a Hand/Wrist X-Ray 0.5
International Arrivals: Rashes From Around the World 0.5
Pediatric Chest Pain & Syncope: Bad or Benign? 0.5
Seeing Soundwaves: Ocular US 0.5
Forgotten Infections in IV Drug Users 0.5
The Crashing Tox Patient 1
Tox Until You Drop: FAST FACTS 1
Poisoned & Bizarre! ECGs in Toxicologic Emergencies 0.5
The Difficult Abdomen: Don't Get Punched in the Gut 1
Pandora’s Pill Box: Polypharmacy in the Elderly Patient 0.5
Secrets of the Chest Imaging Masters 1
Teaching on the Run: Tips & Tricks to Make Teaching More Efficient & Fun 1
Clotted Controversies - PE in the ED: ACEP Connect 1
The Great Debate: Obamacare vs. Trumpcare 1